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Monthly Archives: November 2021

An Indian Wedding Consists Of Several Different Traditional Ceremonies

Posted On November 22, 2021 by kenzacreations

If you have never been to an Indian wedding and you are invited to one, you may be in for …

What You need To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Posted On November 16, 2021 by kenzacreations

At Kenza Creations, as a wedding reception decorations company we know only too well the importance of having the right …

Great Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Decor

Posted On November 10, 2021 by kenzacreations

Selecting the right wedding decorations for your reception can seem like a thankless task because the more you look into …

Some Of The Things To Consider For The Décor At An Indian Wedding

Posted On November 01, 2021 by kenzacreations

We all know that Indian weddings are massive affairs and consist of a number of different events in the run …