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Monthly Archives: August 2021

When Planning A Wedding There Are Some Things That Need To Be Tackled Early On

Posted On August 26, 2021 by kenzacreations

Getting married is one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting thing that you will ever do or …

The Mehndi Can Be A Really Fun Party For The Bride In Asian Custom

Posted On August 19, 2021 by kenzacreations

One of the most exciting parts of a South Asian wedding is the Mehndi party which in days gone by …

Planning A Wedding Guest List Is Far From Easy

Posted On August 11, 2021 by kenzacreations

Planning your wedding is no easy task, and the list of things that you need to do is almost endless. …

The Best Wedding Design Company May Not Be “Near You”

Posted On August 03, 2021 by kenzacreations

Planning your wedding is something that cannot be rushed and, indeed, may take many months or even a year or …