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Selecting the right wedding decorations for your reception can seem like a thankless task because the more you look into it the more different opportunities there are. It can all seem a bit overpowering, but you have to make a decision and it has to be the one that is right for you.

The fact is that if you search online, as you probably have done already, there are endless ideas, but one of the first things that you should do before buying or hiring any decorations is to talk to your venue. There may be restriction as to what you can and can’t do. For instance, if you are holding your reception in a historic venue, it may be that you are not allowed to install any decorations that would alter the property such as hanging extra lighting or using nails on a wall.

One of the most important features of any wedding reception is the table centrepieces. As an event table centrepieces hire company, at Kenza Creations we have a huge store of items that we have previously used and that we have collected over the years that can be used either individually or collectively for your own wedding.

In fact, you can work your way through our storerooms to see what we have available, and this could spark some ideas for you. Alternatively, you may already have your own ideas for table centrepieces, and we can work around those with you.

One thing to note when choosing centrepiece designs is that more is not necessarily better. By that we mean that great towering centrepieces can be overpowering, and while they may look stunning from a distance, they may also be distracting for your guests, especially if they have to peer round them in order to talk to somebody opposite. You can achieve quite a lot with minimalist designs of flowers, candles, delicate vases, and so on.

You Don’t Have To Have Flowers

Furthermore, you don’t have to have flowers if you don’t want them. You can do amazing things with succulents and leafy green garlands such as pine leaves and even fallen tree leaves such as oak or beech in the autumn. Your florist should be able to help you with this. If your wedding is in December, you should be able to buy very small conifers in pots for about £3.00 each and you can use these as table decorations as well.

Another thing that you could do is to rent coloured wine glasses such as red or blue or green which will add another dimension to your tables.

You can do an awful lot with lighting, and string lights can be used overhead to hang from the ceiling of the room. Better still, perhaps, is to hang drapes from the ceiling and hang string lights above the fabric to cast a warm glow over the whole area. You can keep it formal with plain white drapes and coloured lights or you could use coloured drapes with white lighting above. If you are holding your reception outdoors, you can hang string lights randomly through the branches of trees for a whimsical appearance.

A sweetheart table is a romantic way for you and your other half to enjoy the reception before the dancing begins. It can also be a focal point for flower decorations and candles.

Another great idea for flowers is to hang them from the ceiling just above the dining tables. You can make great arrangements and a stunning display by doing this. It adds another dimension to the room and is a special way to transform the venue in a manner that is unique.

What about your wedding cake? This year, many couples have been turning their wedding cake into an artwork as well, by having flowers or other decorations painted on to the icing on the tiers, using edible paint materials.

If you are holding an outdoor wedding, why not have a greenery wall? This can be built up of green plants to about seven feet high and perhaps five or six feet wide and it can make the perfect backdrop for photos of you and your other half. You can leave it as is, or you can hang string lights around the outer edge.

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