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If you carry out a search on Google for “stage decorators near me in London”, right at the top of page one you will find us at Kenza Creations. That is because we have been in the business of producing wedding stages, mendhi stages, and every type of wedding decoration for very many years, and our team has the knowhow and the experience to be able to craft an event that is truly memorable.

We are also at the top of Google because a lot of people search for us by name because they have been recommended by their friends and family. Many people have been to weddings that we have decorated and when it comes to a wedding in their own family they turn to a company that they can trust, because they have seen what we can do beforehand, and in many cases have been to several weddings we have created.

Our team of artists has a long list of successes, and their aim is always to make the next wedding the best they have ever done. If you look through our gallery you can see the huge variety of different stages, table decorations, centrepieces, walkway decorations, and so on, that we have created in the past, and it will give you some idea of the artistic abilities of the team.

Over the years, we have not only produced hundreds of different stages for weddings, mendhis, and so on, but during that time we have gathered huge stocks of artwork from around the world. Every time we see a piece that we like, we buy it and it goes into our stock, with the result that we have an ever-increasing choice of items that you can use, some of which may never have seen the light of day for years!

There are a number of ways in which we can produce a wedding for you. It may well be that you know exactly what you want, and we can certainly do that. However, many of our clients want to pick our brains, and that is why we are happy to sit down with you and discuss ideas with you and make suggestions.

Still other clients have no real idea of what they would like and are happy for us to look at the venue and come up with ideas of our own. Nothing will be done without your final approval anyway, but whatever you decide upon will be on time and on budget.

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