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When planning for a special event, you can get so caught up in making invitations, deciding on guest favours, and hiring the best entertainment. Thinking about centrepieces is usually a last-minute task or something you won’t really pay much attention to. This habit should change. Centrepieces actually have very important roles in weddings, corporate parties, or any other event.

  1. They tie in the whole theme.

Your centrepieces will be placed in the middle of tables and will be very visible. They serve as part of the decorations and can be the first thing guests see when they walk into your venue. If planned properly, they can help you express the desired theme of your event. For example, if you are going for a secret garden theme, a huge arrangement of cascading flowers on top of a table at the entrance of your reception area can give people the feeling they are walking into a hidden floral paradise.

  1. They serve as ice breakers.

It isn’t uncommon for guests to feel a bit shy when they are seated at a table with people they’ve met for the first time. To help everyone warm up to each other faster, place a quirky or unique centrepiece on their table. Since it’s in the middle of the table, it will surely be seen by everyone so it can easily become a conversation topic.

  1. They enhance the ambiance.

If you are looking to bring a colourful vibe into the room for a spring-inspired wedding, vibrant blooms can bring the place to life. Do you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your venue? Placing dozens of roses as centrepieces can bring out the mood. Add in some candles to make it more intimate and guests will certainly feel that love is in the air.

  1. They can become souvenirs for guests.

Unique centrepieces will certainly attract those who are attending your celebration. Since there won’t be enough for all your guests, you can reward the centrepieces to individuals who win in the parlour games, to those who arrived early, or to the ones whose names are picked in a draw.

  1. They create a lasting impression.

With all the points mentioned above, you can say that centrepieces are helpful in making events more successful and memorable. However, if you don’t plan your table arrangements well, they can also ruin the experience for your guests. For example, if a centrepiece is too big, it can block the faces of those seated together at a table or even the view of the stage. Also, if there will be a lot of children at your party and you used delicate tall vases, the kids could break the containers when playing in the venue, causing accidents and disruptions to the celebration. That can ruin the mood of the event.

Now that you know how important centrepieces are, start planning your table arrangements as early as today. We have our own in-house centrepiece design team and we also work with highly professional and experienced florists to create bespoke pieces to go with the rest of your décor at your wedding, party or any other event. Roses, peonies, orchids, hydrangeas, lilies and more! We’ll create the floral magic that you are looking for. Candelabras, flower stands, candle holders, blossom trees and vases to name a few. Give us a call and we’ll create it together.

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