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At Kenza Creations, we have always said that the magic is in the detail. When you are planning your wedding, there are hundreds of different things to take into account, from the choice of your venue to the number of guests that you can accommodate to the colour of the napkins on the tables at your reception.

It is no easy task. We know that because providing all of the décor for weddings is what we do. We can handle everything from a small, secluded event for just a handful of guests to a splendid Indian wedding where there can often be as many as 700 guests or more. Indeed, Indian weddings are very often major colourful events that the parents of the bride may have started to save for from the day their daughter was born.

No matter what your religion, or if you have no religion at all, we can take care of the décor for you on the big day. Certainly, we do the décor for very many Indian weddings, but we can carry it out for a Christian church wedding, an African wedding, or any sort of mixed-race wedding as well. As far as we are concerned, a wedding is a wedding, and it is the most important day in the life of the happy couple. What matters is that the day goes without a hitch and is one that will be remembered by family and friends for all the right reasons.

An Artistic Team And Resources

Whatever type of wedding you are planning, we have the artistic team and the resources to get it right. You may well have your own ideas for décor for the venue, the tables at the reception, wedding centrepieces, and so on, and that is just fine because we can include whatever you want. Equally you may want to pick our brains and let us make suggestions. It’s your choice, because it is your day.

So, if it is an Indian wedding, you will need Mandap hire, and we can provide that. You might want African wedding décor, and that can vary enormously. There are 52 countries in Africa, and they all have their own ideas about weddings and decor. You might want to decorate an English country church.

No matter what you want, as we said, the magic is in the detail. Tell us what you want, and then you can cross that off your list, because you can sit back while we produce it for you.

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