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If you are like many people who had planned to get married over the last two years, you have probably put off the big day for the simple reason that, because of the pandemic, it would not have been a “big” day. After all, when you can only have a maximum of 30 people present, you can hardly call it a big wedding or a big reception.

Let’s face it: in the Indian and Asian communities generally, a wedding is a major celebration and one on which no expense is spared. It is the biggest day in the lives of the bride and groom so far, and you want to be able to have everyone present, so 30 people is a “no-no”.

But it seems that we are at long last seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Although we were supposed to have been given the go-ahead from June 21st and it has now been put off for another four weeks, it is very likely that Boris will not dare to put it back any further because there would be total uproar, so it seems safe to make plans going forward.

Certainly, at Kenza Creations, we have been seeing many more enquiries over the last few weeks from people planning weddings from August onwards, and in some cases into as far ahead as June next year. It seems that if you want to settle on a wedding day and a particular venue, then you need to start going about it now, because there will be a rush as a result of all the backlog and, in turn, wedding venues are going to get very booked up.

It is not only wedding venues that are going to get booked up but wedding photographers too. Hiring a wedding photographer, or two wedding photographers is really essential. Your big day is something that you want to be able to look back on in years to come, and you can really only do that with photographs and videos as well.

People do ask why they would need two wedding photographers, and the simple answer is that when you have a big wedding, one photographer cannot be in two places at once. If you have two photographers, while one is taking formal pictures the other can be walking around the venue catching all the candid shots that would otherwise be missed.

At Kenza Creations, we can produce splendid décor for your wedding, starting with the Mendhi. It is really rather a party for the girls, although the men may be invited along too, and is a day of singing and dancing while the bride is decorated with the henna paste. You need the venue to look fabulous, and you may not want to spend a fortune if you have already done that for the reception itself. No problem: at Kenza Creations our team of artists can produce Mendhi décor that will astound you on a small budget.

On to the wedding day itself, and there is the decoration of the venue and also the wedding table décor, which is so important to get right. There are so many different possible designs, most of them using copious amounts of flowers so that the table settings are nothing short of dazzling. If you take a look through our gallery, you will see some of the stunning displays that we have made in the past.

You can leave the table décor entirely to our team, or alternatively, we can create something based on your own ideas. Let’s sit down together and talk so that we come up with a wedding venue décor that will be remembered forever.

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