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As the leading London wedding decorators, at Kenza Creations we keep on top of the latest wedding day trends as you would imagine. Of course, it is your big day, so you can have anything that you want (so long as it falls within budget), but 2019 is showing some interesting trends.

One thing that is noticeable is that, while flowers are never going to go out of fashion, there is a trend towards alternative wedding bouquets and arrangements. People are using all sorts of greenery such as fern leaves, grasses, and wild flowers which have very small flowers and lovely leaves, for bouquets and flower arrangements for table decorations.

Traditional white wedding dresses are making a comeback too. For the past few years many brides have ditched white in favour of pastel colours, but Harry and Meghan’s wedding showed the return of white with the bride and seven bridesmaids all dressed in pure white, and with bouquets that were white as well with a lot of greenery.

Another trend is the colour of copper, including the use of copper itself, and bronze. Bright, shiny copper always looks lovely, but the colour is finding its way into wedding décor including copper coloured linens, and even wedding cakes.

Traditionally, weddings have been held in church or at a register office and then the reception held at a hotel, ballroom, village hall, and so on. However, another trend is the booking of a single venue for both the wedding and the reception. This is because more and more venues are obtaining licences for civil ceremonies, such as restaurants, barns, country houses, and even wineries. Going down this road saves both time and money.

Another trend is being eco-friendly. For example, you can hire a wedding caterer who uses locally sourced ingredients, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, and order stationery from a printer who uses recycled paper, and if you are going to have flowers, using local blooms that are in season rather than expensive orchids flown in from abroad.

Something else that is becoming more common is using neon signage. Bright lights can point the way to the buffet, wedding dessert table, or bar. You can hire these, of course.

Of course, at Kenza Creations we will design your wedding with whatever you wish included. Come and talk to our creative designers and together we will produce a venue that not just looks great, but stuns.

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