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Your wedding day is the most important day of your life to date, being even more important than graduation day if indeed you did graduate. As such, it is vital that it is a day that will be remembered by family and friends for many years to come, and that means that the venue, or venues, are decorated in style.

Exactly what style is entirely up to you as the couple getting married. Some people like to keep things fairly straightforward with simple decorations including table decorations made using simple things such as grasses and leaves, while others prefer to go the whole hog and fill tables with orchids and other rare species or out of season flowers that have to be imported. Obviously, it does depend to a large extent on your budget, but the interesting thing is that the simple things can often be designed for maximum impact.

If you are having something such as an Anglican or Catholic church wedding, then this is one of the places that you can save money by keeping things fairly simple. Yes, if money is no object, then you can decorate the aisle with expensive flowers on the pews and have a floral arch for the bride to enter through and have all the sides of the church decorated too.

However, what you need to consider if the budget is more limited, is that you are only going to be in the church for a short time. Perhaps 45 minutes, or an hour at the most, so keeping church wedding decorations simple can save money without it affecting the rest of the day.

Of course, if you are having a traditional Asian or Indian wedding then it is a different matter, since you have the wedding stage with a backdrop and elegant furniture, and very often masses and masses of flowers.

An outdoor Hindu wedding will need a mandap which can often be very exotic as it is an important element of a Hindu wedding. This has a meaningful history as according to the Hindu Vedas, there are four stages of life – Brahmacharya, Grihastha, Vanaprastha and Sanyasa. The four posters or pillars of a mandap symbolize these four stages of life. It is in a mandap where the groom enters as a Brahmacharya and exits as a Grihastha, which means a householder.

Only a limited number of people are allowed into the mandap, these being the bride and groom, close family members, and the priest who will be officiating.

At Kenza Creations, we can provide you with church wedding decorations, Asian wedding decorations, and reception decorations to suit any budget. Very often, we will have decorated a venue beforehand, so we will be able to show you some photos of what we did. If not, we can visit the venue and make suggestions according to the size and layout of the venue, and taking into account the lighting as well. Some venues have large windows and let in a lot of natural light, while others don’t, and need some additional lighting in order to create the right atmosphere.

Our team at Kenza Creations is full of ideas for all sorts of different decorations for a variety of venues and budgets from the relatively quiet and respectable look to the more bright and glossy, and even – dare we say it – outlandish! We are very happy to sit down with you and discuss your ideas for the big day and add our own input as required. Obviously, the final decision on everything is yours, but you can trust us to make things go with a swing.

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