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At Kenza Creations we don’t just manage all the décor for weddings, although we do provide it for very many of them, especially Indian weddings which are, of course, massive occasions with many people attending.

But we can also provide themed event décor for any other function that you might be organising. So, for example, you may be organizing a 21st birthday party for your son or daughter which is an important stepping-stone in life, and which deserves a serious celebration.

For an event like this you would want a décor that fits around the important things in your son’s or daughter’s life. For instance, they may have a particular hobby that they thoroughly enjoy, and it could be one of many things. Perhaps ice skating, horse riding, chess, a particular pop star that they listen to or an actor or actress, motor racing – it could be absolutely anything. So, we can get together and talk with you and between us come up with a plan for the décor for this very special occasion.

Of course, your son or daughter may have just graduated from university with a degree, so the décor could be designed around that. Or they could have just been promoted at work. No matter what the situation, at Kenza Creations we will come up with the perfect design.

Your Annual General Meeting

Perhaps you are the Chairman or CEO of a business, and you are planning your next annual general meeting. No doubt there are things that you want your shareholders to vote on, and of course, you want them to vote the “right” way! So, we could design the décor for the meeting hall around whatever your next big project is that you want your shareholders to invest more money in.

Maybe your event is taking place in a room or hall that is a little smaller than you would have liked. Perhaps it is a dinner for your customers. There are several tricks that you can use to make the space seem larger. For example, use round tables. You get more seating per square foot than with rectangular tables. A 5’ diameter round table can seat 8 – 10 adults and a 6’ one can seat 10 – 12. An 8’ rectangular table can only seat 8 adults.

At Kenza Creations our artistic team can come up with amazing ideas. Just contact us and let’s meet up and discuss your next event.

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