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If you are holding an Asian wedding of any description, one of the most vital considerations is the décor, not only for the big day itself, but for all the other parts that go together to make an Asian wedding, such as the Mehndi for instance. They are all very special events, and each has its’ part to play in what can be a series of occasions building up to the ceremony itself and the reception afterwards. 

Wherever you are holding any of these events, the décor is critical because it provides the feeling and sensations that you want your family and friends to appreciate while they are taking place. It could be a room in a hotel, or it might be a church hall, or it might be in a swish restaurant, but wherever it is, the design has to be something which makes the visitors take a couple of steps back and gasp as they enter the area.

This is what we do at Kenza Creations. We want to make your family and friends say “Oh, wow! Look at that!” That is what we set out to achieve, and it is what we do achieve. This is why, if you type something such as “wedding stage hire near me” into Google, you will find us right there on page one. This indicates that Google itself thinks that our services and designs are important to people, because if it didn’t, its’ algorithms would not place us there. 

Of course, it is not just wedding stage hire that we provide, although we can and do construct some amazing stages with luxury furniture, flowing drapes, swirls of flowers, special lighting effects, and amazing colour schemes. But we also design and provide everything else that you could ever possibly want for the big day itself, or any of the other events that you are arranging such as the Mehndi or Sangeet. 

So, for the reception itself you are going to want table décor that has everyone talking about it, and you may want a walkway. You are going to need special décor for the top table, and this will often include luxurious flowers woven into a stunning design. The lighting is also very important, because if you are holding your wedding reception in a church hall or something similar, the lighting can often be very bland, so you need additional lighting that can change the whole appearance of the space. This is particularly the case when you are holding a wedding in the winter when it is dark by four o’clock.

However, at Kenza Creations we don’t only create the décor for wedding events. You might be holding the annual general meeting of your company for example, and you need to impress your shareholders. Decorating the room or hall in which the meeting is taking place will not only make the day much more friendly and the space appealing, but as a result you will impress the shareholders and – hopefully – this will persuade them to vote on things the way that you want them to vote!

You could be holding a 21st birthday party which is another event that is a once in a lifetime experience. Although it is today accepted that we become adults at 18 rather than 21, nonetheless, the 21st is a very special occasion still, and the décor needs to reflect that.

Perhaps you are planning a Christmas party for your employees who have remained loyal throughout the pandemic, and you want to show your appreciation. We can create amazing décor for any event that you wish.

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