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Oh boy! You asked her, and she said yes!

Or, he asked you, and you said yes!

Whichever way it went, depending on which side of the fence you are on, there is now an awful lot of planning to do. For both of you.

First, you need to set a date, and if you are going to do things properly it can’t be next week, next month, or even this year, depending on how far into the year we are. Ideally, you want to plan for 12 months ahead or even more, so that you can not only get absolutely everything the way you want it for the big day but also save up some money to cover some of the expenses.

Many couples get engaged but have not considered budgeting for the wedding. Why would you? Until he popped the question, neither of you knew that it was ever going to happen. If you have families that are willing to chip in with the costs, so much the better, but many couples don’t. This is just one reason why you need to plan well ahead: you can’t have a luxurious fairy-tale wedding next week if you haven’t enough money to pay for it. And you most certainly want a fairy-tale wedding.

First, you need to choose a date for your wedding, and it is best to be a bit flexible so that the venue of your choice is available on the day that you want it. Then you need to choose the venue. Is it a church wedding? A civil ceremony? An outdoor service? If your choice is an outdoor service, you need to have a fallback plan: you don’t know for sure what the weather is going to do in 12 months’ time.

Then you need to choose the wedding party – maid of honour, bridesmaids, best man, and so on. You may also need a wedding planner, photographer, caterer, florist, and more. Little things can make a big difference. For instance, if you decide to get married in April and you absolutely “must-have” orchids all over the place, that is going to cost a lot more than using daffodils, because we don’t have a lot of orchids in flower in the UK in April, so you will have to use imported ones.

Think about the guest list. That can take time to get right because you have to keep to your budget and may not be able to invite extended family. You may also need to find a hotel for guests coming from afar.

Don’t forget the dress for the bride and the suit for the groom. Perhaps you need matching attire for bridesmaids, groomsmen, and so on. You need car hire for the bride and groom. You also need to consider booking your honeymoon, keeping fingers crossed that we will be able to travel abroad in 2021. Perhaps you might consider a fallback destination in the UK.

Then, of course, there are the wedding decorations for the ceremony itself and the wedding breakfast. Once you have the venue/s booked, this is something that you can leave to us at Kenza Creations. It’s what we do.

When we say leave it to us, we don’t mean that you can let us decide upon the decorations for you, although some of our clients do just that. We want to meet you and discuss your plans for the decorations if you already know in outline what you want. On the other hand, like many of our clients, you may really not have a clue, so you need us to come up with the ideas for a truly stunning display. That’s fine – it’s what we are here for.

It may very well be that we have carried out the decorations for weddings at your chosen venue before, in which case we can show you our gallery of what we achieved for previous couples. If it is a venue that is new to us, then we would like to visit it and check out space, lighting, seating arrangements, and so on, in order to give you the best advice.

While we are creative artists, we have to ensure that your wedding venue décor is perfect, and that means that we need all your input as well. You may have ideas that we don’t, and equally, it can work the other way around.

The first step is to book an appointment with us so that we can work with you to produce the perfect, stunning, never-before-seen, day that will have your family and friends gasping with astonishment.

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