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It is no exaggeration to say that your wedding day is the most important of your life, and it follows that it all has to be nothing short of perfect. While you may not have a vast budget, you do need to think carefully about planning your wedding décor – certainly for the reception – and in the case of many weddings for the ceremony itself.

If you are C of E and your wedding is to be held in a local church or in a register office there is not an awful lot of decoration that you can do. You can’t decorate the register office, and while you can decorate the church with a lot of flowers, everything else is already there such as the seating, the altar, and so on.

However, in many religions and cultures the wedding ceremony itself is something that requires stunning décor, wherever the ceremony is held. Asian and Nigerian weddings in particular are some in which it is often the case that no expense is spared to make the setting as extravagant and impressive as possible. Elaborate seating for the happy couple, and drapes, garlands, and lighting are all used to make the setting like nothing ever seen before.

This is why you need Kenza Creations for your wedding décor hire. We have huge stocks of seating, lighting, drapes, and many different beautiful items of decoration that we have collected from all over the world over the years that you can use to create a wedding and reception that will take your guests’ breath away. It all sits in our huge warehouse and is there so that you can choose whatever suits your plans.

Take a look at the wonderful pictures in our gallery and you will see some of the amazing designs that we have created over the years. Our team is composed of creative artists who take pleasure in producing astounding wedding décor, and they always try to produce something that is better than the last wedding that they decorated. That can be very difficult, if not impossible, when you look at some of the décor they have created in the past, but they always go the extra mile.

Of course, you may have ideas of your own, and we can work with those, but you may want us to take care of everything for you. Whatever you need and wish, we will produce it, and we will always work within your budget. There will never be any “extras”. Trust Kenza to produce the day of your dreams.

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