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There are very many events that can be made much more memorable by introducing decoration into the venue. Some venues, such as the restaurants in big London hotels, are beautifully decorated anyway, but there are many which could have a huge difference made to them by adding décor of many different varieties.

Many events are held in halls, or rooms in hotels, theatres, and so on, that could be totally transformed with some imaginative décor. Certainly, you would want to add décor for a wedding reception or a 21st birthday party, but what about your company annual general meeting? You obviously want to impress your shareholders so you could have the meeting room decorated in your company colours. Or you could add photographs of something you have achieved during the year. If you are a builder you could add photos of the estate you have just finished, or a high-rise office building, or industrial estate. Add appropriate decorations and a few other touches, and the whole venue is transformed into something special that your shareholders will remember, and which will impress them – hopefully getting them to vote the way you want them to!

Of course, as event decorators in London we do undertake a lot of wedding décor hire, especially amongst the Asian and African communities. If you are not part of these communities, you may not be aware just how much creative effort and design goes into these events. Asian weddings, in particular, are spectacular events and it seems that the families will spare no expense in order to make THEIR daughter’s great day one to stun all of the guests.

Indian families all seem to want to outdo the weddings of their relatives’ families – cousins, uncles, aunts, and so on – so that their daughter’s wedding is the biggest, the brightest, the best, etc. There are garlands of flowers everywhere, ornate drapes and furnishings, amazing table centrepieces – the list goes on. At Kenza Creations our team comprises creative artists and designers who can come up with one spectacular idea after another, and we have some amazing decorative items in our stock that we have collected from around the world over the years that can be employed again and again for event décor hire.

But as we said, it is not just weddings that we can decorate. There are 21st birthday parties, retirement parties, new baby parties, directors’ luncheons, opening nights at the theatre, and many, many more functions that we can cover. Not only do we have a lot of ideas ourselves, but we also listen to, and incorporate, the ideas of our clients into what we do. They, too, will often come up with something that we might not think of, so by working together we can ensure that the event, whatever it is, goes with a bang.

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