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Without doubt, your wedding day is the most important day of your life so far, and thus it is essential to celebrate it in as elegant and memorable fashion as possible. Certainly, you may, at some future date, regard another event as even more important – the birth of your first child perhaps – but up until now, there is nothing to supersede your wedding day.

It is true that some couples do pop down to the registry office with a couple of friends and go for a meal in the pub afterwards, but they are few and far between. Your wedding is a cause for a major celebration, and most couples want to ensure that it is just that. There are a lot of elements that can come together to make a day memorable. For instance, the bride might choose to arrive in a vintage Rolls Royce. A couple might have a wedding cake of five tiers. You could even have your own label champagne or other wine with a label of your own design depicting the two of you. That would really be something special since the guests can all take home an empty bottle as a memento, and it can be done without a lot of expense.

Naturally, one of the most important elements is your wedding hall decoration. Whatever your venue, even if it is at the Ritz hotel or a stately home, you want to make it your very own for the day, and that means having it decorated in such a way that it reflects your own tastes and looks nothing like it appears on an ordinary day.

At Kenza Creations our job is to achieve those ends for you and make your wedding hall nothing short of stunning so that your guests will gasp with astonishment when they arrive. There are many different things that we can do, lots of them involving flowers, but also using lighting in many different modes, and all sorts of decorative items from the huge and ever-increasing stocks that we have sourced from around the world. Whenever we see something that strikes us as suitable, we buy it and it goes into our stock room for use whenever a client chooses.

Ideas can include almost anything you can think of, including those which might seem quirky. For example, at a recent barn wedding the decorators had gathered together some old empty wooden boxes, or as they described them, rustic crates, that had been unused on the farm for years, gave them a clean, and then piled them up and filled them with candles and flowers in empty drinks bottles to make a statement piece which worked very well in a barn. The same barn has a huge chandelier of fairy lights in the centre which twinkle on and off.

Drapes can be used in many different ways and add a touch of elegance and decadence to any setting. Many people opt for bright colours when decorating a wedding hall, but another idea we have seen recently used an entirely white colour scheme – if you can call white a colour. It used white drapes all-round, hanging straight down from the walls, drapes hanging from the ceiling centre and billowing outwards, a huge white chandelier in the centre of the hall, white lighting, white tablecloths and napkins, and white/cream flowers on all the tables with a huge white flower centrepiece in the middle. It created a really dramatic effect.

Another idea is to decorate the wall behind the top table with garlands of flowers hanging down in trailing stems using ivies, trailing roses, trailing delphiniums, and more. That can look very effective.

If you are having an outdoor reception at a country house venue, there may well be statues, urns, and so on around the setting. These, of course, can all be decorated with flowers.

At Kenza Creations we have no end of ideas for wedding hall decorations. We can visit your venue in order to have a look and make suggestions, and of course, we can incorporate anything that you wish into the design. Why not give us a call and let us have a brainstorming session together?

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