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The Mandap serves as the altar for Indian wedding ceremonies, specifically for Hindu and Jain weddings. The Mandap is a covered structure with four pillars which represent earth, air, water, and fire, which represent energy and symbolise spirituality. The Mandap is, if you like, the stage on which the wedding is set where the couple are married, and as such is the focal point of the ceremonies.

Because of its’ importance, there is usually no expense spared in the decoration of the Mandap, and it may have the four posts covered with massive drapes of expensive materials. In addition, Mandap decoration will usually include masses and masses of flowers. In fact, you might say that decorating a Mandap is a florist’s dream because of the huge number of flowers required by many couples. You have only to go on to Google and search for Mandap images and you will very quickly get the idea.

Traditionally, the posts for the Mandap are made of wood, although today some modern materials are used. It is often available to be rented as a set which includes the four pillars and the top frame, with royal chairs for the bride and groom, a chair for the pandit, side chairs for the parents, and a pedestal on which is set the havan kund (fire box) for the sacred fire.

Wrought Iron Pillars With Lighting

The Mandap can also have pillars of very detailed and delicately fashioned wrought iron with lighting inside them. If this is the case, there will be less use of drapes. The bride is very often escorted to the Mandap by her maternal uncle.

If you need a Mandap for your own wedding, then at Kenza Creations we can help you. You can have a Mandap either indoors or outdoors. In the summer, many a bride and groom will get married outside in a beautiful setting such as at a manor house in the country, with the wedding reception taking place either indoors or under cover of a marquee.

We can decorate your Mandap with stunning drapes and many, many flowers, and the colour scheme can be anything that you wish. Red and gold are always popular choices for Indian weddings, but there are no rules, so you can have whatever you choose. The best way forward is to make an appointment to come and talk to us, and we can show you photographs of some of the amazing mandaps that we have created in the past which could help to inspire you.

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