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Of the hundred and one things that you need to do when planning your wedding, one of the most important is the décor for the place where you and your guests will be spending most of your day celebrating your marriage. Not the bar: the dinner table.

The décor for the room / hall / or whatever where you are going to have your wedding breakfast can be whatever you want it to be. But one thing that you should keep in mind is that you really need a theme. So, you need a colour or set of colours that you can use to set the scene.

Whether your tables are going to be long ones or individual square or round ones, they are all going to need wedding centrepieces and those centrepieces need to be part of your theme. Designing your tables now has a new name according to the Independent. We are all familiar with the term landscaping but decorating your tables at your wedding breakfast is now apparently called tablescaping.

According to Ellie Moore who founded Dress for Dinner Tablescapes, it is a good idea to let your décor be led by your favourite flower, or those that happen to be in bloom at the time of your wedding. In fact, the latter is probably the best choice because if you choose exotic flowers that are out of season, it could set you back a small fortune because those flowers will have to come from abroad. If you use flowers that are in season, they will be easily obtainable and cost a lot less.

Talk To Your Florist

Ellie recommends talking to your florist as the starting point, having a chat to them about what will be in season and your favourite colours and types of flowers. You could also get inspiration on Pinterest.

The centrepieces are the focal point of your tables, but you don’t want to overdo things by adding too many embellishments. In fact, plain and simple often works out very well. You could use things such as dried grasses, feathers, wheat or barley stems, and so on. You might also consider potted orchids which are now available year-round from one of the major supermarket chains, and you can let the guests take them home afterwards. They will last in flower for several weeks, and then they can be trimmed down and will send up new shoots again.

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