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Table centrepieces are an important element of any event decor and it helps in providing an incredibly memorable dining experience. At Kenza Creations, we bring to you an incredible selection of event table centrepieces to augment the decor of your small gathering, wedding reception, corporate party or birthday party. It is crucial that you make use of centrepieces as per the shape and space of the table that you have. Some of the centrepiece ideas that you can consider are given below.

White or black feathers

If you want to keep things simple, you can get a big crystal glass and place white or black feathers in it. With dim lighting and a simple decor, this centrepiece will appear perfect. It is a great option for any wedding or reception event, or even corporate gatherings. Even if you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, this centrepiece will surely demand attention.

Submerged flowers

You can place suspended flowers on the table and allow your sit-down guests to appreciate the beauty and vibrancy of the flowers. The size and colour of the flowers can be customised as per your requirement and shape of the table.

Candle stands

Candles are one of the few items that can instantly add a bit of romanticism to the overall environment. At Kenza Creations, we have different kinds of candle stands including traditional candle holders made of steel or silver iron and modern, artistic candle holders. You can rent our candle stands for your event or we can provide you with a personalised solution.

Circular table rings

If the tables at your event are round or have centre cutout, circular table rings with fresh flowers and green leaves is a problem solver. This is a space-saving solution that will beautify the table without obstructing the view of the guests sitting across from one another at a table.

Glassless cubes

Flowers in a vase are incredibly popular and used too much in different types of events. If you want your event or celebration to be special and want your table decor to be unique, you can opt for glassless cube. Just place the cube in the centre of the table and fill it up with flowers of your choice. It will make the flowers seem like they are growing and about to explode.

So, if you are looking for table centrepieces to hire or want more ideas, connect with Kenza Creations.

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