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Planning for a special event will often involve a meal out – perhaps a lunch, but more often a dinner – and when you are taking a party of people out there will be a great opportunity to decorate the tables in order to make it exceptional.

So, for instance, coming up in the next few weeks, among many others there will be the Chelsea College of Art & Design Summer Gala, The Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy Gala and Dinner Extravaganza 2022, Eid Musical Gala Dinner with Shujat Ali Khan Qawwali & Ghazal, Conscious Dating Meet Up Dinner @ La Goccia,[Covent Garden], Richmond Summer Ball, and many more events at hotels and restaurants around London and the rest of the country.

You may also want to celebrate a 21st birthday, a coming of age (18), a university degree, a diamond wedding, all of which involve meeting up with guests over a meal.

Fortunately, at Kenza Creations, we don’t only do the décor for weddings – although we do do a lot of weddings – but we can do event table decor for whatever it is that you are celebrating. No doubt you will want to have your own input, but many people who are holding such a celebration don’t really have any ideas of their own, so they leave the whole thing up to us. Trust us: if you leave it to us, you won’t be disappointed! Just tell us your budget, and we will sort it.

Indian Weddings

As we said, we do carry out the décor for many weddings and for a range of different cultures too. A lot of the weddings that we cater for are Indian weddings, and of course these involve sumptuous displays, lots and lots of flowers, and very often all the colours of the rainbow. 

One of the most important factors – although they are all important – is the Indian wedding backdrop where the couple will sit for the ceremony on the big day. But before that, of course, is the Haldi, the Mehndi, and Sangeet/Raas-Garba. Then the ceremony, and of course the reception which can go on until the early hours.  In traditional Indian fashion, they all need lots and lots of colour, very often with no expense spared.

However, we are only too well aware that times are hard at the moment, and only likely to get harder over the course of the next few months. No problems. You tell us your budget, and you will be astounded at the décor that we can come up with!

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