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One of the most important considerations when planning your wedding is the venue. Back in the day, it used to be the case that weddings were held either in a church or in a register office. After the wedding ceremony, everyone then went on to the venue for the reception, or on the other hand may have gone to the pub if the reception was booked for later on and there was a gap between the ceremony and reception.

However, today, there are many venues which are licenced to conduct civil weddings, including those of same sex partners, and that means that you may well hold your marriage ceremony and reception at the same venue. You may also want to hold your wedding in a different country. With cheap flights to many countries available today, and Covid gradually taking a back seat, you might want to have your wedding in Cyprus or perhaps the Caribbean.

If you are holding your wedding here in the UK, you want to consider how easy it is for your most important guests to get here. For instance, if you are of Indian descent and you are getting married here, there may well be important family members who still live in India but who will need to be at your wedding.

This brings up another point, which is accommodation. If you have elderly family members coming from abroad, or even from within the UK, is there suitable accommodation for them? Maybe there is accommodation available at your wedding venue, but if not, you will need to find them a suitable hotel for the duration of the wedding. In fact, if you have people coming from different parts of the UK – elderly or not – they will all need somewhere to stay even if it is only for a couple of nights.

Some Venues Have Plenty Of Accommodation

Of course, many venues that hold weddings are country houses or hotels that have plenty of accommodation available in addition to a large hall or restaurant where you can hold the ceremony or just the reception.

You really do need to explore the possibility of different venues for your wedding because they won’t all work in the same way. Another consideration is this: if you are holding your wedding in a church or a registry office, and not in the same venue as the reception, how far is it between the two? Is it easy for people to get to the reception from the church?

You need to visit the venue and ask a lot of questions. You will want to see the room where the ceremony is held if you are getting married there. Is it different from the reception room? If the ceremony and the reception are going to be held in the same room, how does the day flow? Sometimes it can take the staff a long time to turn the room around to ready it for the reception, and guests can get really bored. You may perhaps want to consider doing something such as booking a magician to keep guests entertained in the meantime.

When you are booking a wedding venue, you need to go into detail about exactly what you are getting and what you can do. For instance, some venues include the catering and a photographer, but you may well want to organise these separately. Some venues may not let you book them unless they do the catering.

Then there is the décor of the venue. As a wedding centrepieces hire company, at Kenza Creations we don’t just decorate the tables. We can decorate the entire room for you, so that your guests – and you too – will gasp with awe.

Another very big consideration is the lighting. We can provide you with the lighting that you need. This may not sound like a big deal, but it is. You don’t know what the weather is going to be like on the big day, and if it is overcast and miserable, you need to be able to have great lighting. This is not just for the actual wedding and reception, but it is very important for the photographer too. Great lighting will make all the difference to the photographs and therefore provide you with super memories of the day, no matter what the weather decided to do.

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