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As specialists in event décor hire, at Kenza Creations we can decorate any venue in any sort of style or design that you choose and can incorporate anything that you wish. Our team are creative artists and we take pride and also pleasure in producing an event that is nothing short of stunning.

You may very well have some definitive ideas of your own about how you would like your venue to look, but if not, there are several things to take into consideration. One of the most important is lighting.

There are so many different things that you can do with lighting. You can have a cool look for your venue with subtle lighting, or you can make it really bright. You can have lighting in many different colours. You can have lighting that you can change as the day goes on, or you can have lighting that changes automatically in order to produce a variety of moods. Lighting can emphasis features that you wish to emphasise (it can also do the opposite to ones that you don’t). It can create an illusion of space in a relatively small venue or make a large space seem small and cosy.

You also need to take into consideration photography and/or videos. You may have an official photographer for a wedding, for example, and the lighting will play a big part in the way the photographs look later on. Perhaps you want a cosy feel for your event but need to be able to turn up the lighting for some photographs and then turn it back down again.

Colour is another very important consideration. Different colours can create different moods. So, for example, blue will give a cool (as in temperature) feel to the venue, whereas bright reds, oranges, and yellows provide a bright warmer look.

Flowers can make a huge difference to any venue. Indian weddings use masses of flowers, and they can be everywhere – even hanging from the ceiling. Then again, you can have flowers in minimalist designs if it is the right thing for the particular event that you are holding. If it is something such as a company AGM, you might well not want any flowers at all. It is entirely up to you: we will do whatever you wish, and we have contacts with some very good florists indeed who can provide some astounding displays.

Seating is another consideration. How and where you arrange the seating can have a very big impact on your event. For instance, if you have people making a presentation or speaking on a stage, it is essential that everyone can see the person who is talking. You may have to take account of pillars in a large room, for example.

Whatever your event, talk to us. Event decor is all we do, and we live and breathe it.

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