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Asian weddings are huge and lavish affairs which can go on for days in the run-up to the big day itself and the ceremony and reception. Very often, the bride’s parents will spare no expense in order to make all the parties and the ceremonies as glamorous and astounding as possible, investing in endless décor in order to make the setting perfect, whether this is for the ceremony and reception, the Mehndi, the Sangeet, or the Haldi. Indeed, many parents will open a savings account upon the birth of a daughter for exactly this purpose perhaps 20 years or more later.

For all these events, although the food and drink are important aspects, probably the most essential element is the actual décor of the room or hall where they take place. As long-time providers of Asian wedding décor services, at Kenza Creations we can take the plainest of spaces and turn them into something that you might only have seen on a filmset. The food and drink, the singing and dancing, and the various ceremonies are on their own are all part of the process, but the décor needs to be something that speaks to all the participants and the setting in which everything takes place. Décor can ultimately make or break the party.

The work that we do in designing and creating the décor for any part of the wedding is of itself artistic and creative. We have huge stocks of materials of all sorts, so that we can create drapes, columns swathed in colourful materials and covered with flowers, ceiling hangings, wall hangings, and very much more, so that the whole hall or room comes together as one.

Much of the huge choice of different materials and ornaments are things that we have gathered together over the years, and you can select from our large stocks the kind of things that you want to see to make any of the various elements of the wedding appear exactly as you wish. Some things, of course, we cannot keep in stock, and in particular this applies to flowers. They need to be purchased fresh and put together in glorious displays by our flower arrangers, and of course there will always be the cost of obtaining them.

One thing to consider when it comes to your budget for an Asian wedding is where you can cut down on expense, and believe it or not, flowers are one of them. It is actually quite simple if you stop to think about it. This is to use flowers which are in season here in the UK. We grow some amazing flowers right here, and they will cost considerably less than having flowers which are out of season and flown in from overseas simply because it is the wrong time of year for them here. That is just one suggestion that we can make in order to keep everything within your budget.

At Kenza Creations our aim is always to provide the unexpected. We want your guests at whatever part of the wedding you may be to gasp with astonishment at the décor because that is when we know we have done a great job, and it is what you want as well. With all of the many ornaments, trinkets, materials, and wonderful display items that we have in stock, together we can build up a design that will have the desired effect on your family and friends, whether it is the Sangeet, the Haldi, the Mehndi, or the wedding ceremony and reception itself.

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