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Holding your wedding outdoors has many advantages over an indoor ceremony and reception because, generally, you have much more space to work with and you also have nature on your side. Whether it’s in your own back garden, on a farm, in a woodland setting, or overlooking a river, there are many things that you can do that you cannot easily do undercover.

However, before we expand on this, there is one thing that you should bear in mind when planning an outdoor wedding and that is that certainly in the UK, we cannot always rely on the weather. So if your wedding date is June 5th next year, can you tell me what the weather will be like? It should be good, but conversely, there could be showers or even a storm. So if you are planning an outdoor wedding, the first thing to take care of is the fall-back plan. And that usually means some form of a tent. If all goes well, you won’t need to take cover from the rain, so you can use it as a bar area, or even for a relaxation area where guests can hide from the sun for a while. A great idea is to bring the outside in and decorate the tent with potted plants or young trees dotted about.

Quite obviously, flowers will form a large part of the décor, and those could be flowers that are already growing in your garden, or if you have a woodland setting you can use flowers draped from trees as outdoor wedding decorations. Bear in mind that, as the afternoon wears on and the light begins to fall in the evening, you will also need lighting. Even if you are only using your own back garden, you won’t want to rely on the security lighting of your home. It is not difficult to arrange for strings of lights from the trees or along shrubs in the borders to give a fairyland atmosphere. If trees are present, you can also hang one or two chandeliers from branches for an extra special effect.

As wedding décor specialists, at Kenza Creations we have almost endless ideas for decorating an outdoor space for your wedding. You can have an archway made of wood and decorated with drapes of flowers under which you can tie the knot.

Seating and tables can be of natural wood with centrepieces of flowers intermingled with candles in holders or inside glasses or vases. If you are having an evening party, you can build a small dance floor quite easily. Dancing on the lawn is a sure way for a twisted ankle to happen, but you can use pallets and some boarding to produce a small dance floor and it won’t cost a lot.

We are nothing if not creative at Kenza Creations and we can sit down with you and come up with ideas that will make your outdoor space into a stunning display that will be remembered by your guests forever.

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