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When you are planning your wedding there is a long list of things to think about. In fact, that is really the first thing to do: make a long list. In fact, you could make several lists, one for each sector, such as guests, invitations, bridesmaids, best man/groomsmen, ceremony, wedding breakfast, music, and so on. Then you can easily list everything that comes under all the individual headings, and tick them off when they are done so that you don’t miss anything out.

The main event is, of course, the ceremony itself, although everything else is important too. If you are going to have a church wedding, which many people still do, you will want to decorate the church itself. Many churches are large buildings with high ceilings and can look very empty. Even when they are full of people, they can look very bare, so decorating the church is a must.

The first thing to do is to talk to the vicar, pastor, or whoever is in charge because there are some things that some churches will not allow. For example, you might want to tie helium-filled balloons to the pew ends with ribbons, but these have a nasty tendency to come loose and float up into the roof, so some churches won’t permit them. Others may not allow potted plants in order to avoid spills and stains. So you need to find out what the church will and will not allow.

The vicar or pastor may also be able to help you with ideas. Some churches that hold a lot of weddings may have photographs of some of the previous decorations that could give you some inspiration.

Church rules aside, what you do and how much you spend will be dependent upon your own personal tastes and your budget. If you go to the church regularly yourself you will know other church members, and you might be able to get some volunteers to help with putting up the decorations – and taking them down again afterwards.

Of course, at Kenza Creations we can take care of all this for you if you prefer. We have some great ideas for church wedding decorations, and we work together with some top florists in order to produce a stunning display.

One idea that appeals to a lot of people is to have potted plants or flowers at the entrance to the church. If there are steps up to the door you can line them with greenery on each step at each side and add a few roses or other flowers in between. Your guests will spend some time outside waiting for the arrival of the groom and bride, so decorating this area is a good idea.

One very good idea is to have vases of flowers hanging on the pew ends, and these should match or at least compliment the bridal flowers. Another excellent idea is to have a bridal arch at the entrance to the central aisle, also covered with the same flowers. In addition, you can have aisle runners, but you should make sure that these are stuck to the floor with double-sided adhesive tape because you don’t want the bride or bridesmaids getting their heels caught in the fabric. Another great idea for the aisle, or the aisle runner, is simply to strew it with flower petals which will cost very little and may even cost nothing if family or friends donate the petals from their gardens.

Many churches have a font as a major fitting, and this is often at the rear of the aisle. If so, you can make a feature of this by decorating it with flowers and something similar to a table centrepiece on top, as the font will not so much catch the eye on coming into the church, but will become very evident as the bride and groom leave after the ceremony.

Another choice for pew ends is simple pew bows which can be tied to the pews and can be a very inexpensive alternative to flowers. Your church may also have candelabras which you can borrow for your wedding.

At Kenza Creations, we have no end of ideas for church wedding decorations, and if you choose to let us decorate the church for you, that will be another job off your hands.

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