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When you are planning your wedding, one of the most difficult things is deciding upon the guest list. Unless you have endless amounts of money, you cannot afford to invite the world and his wife, so there are going to have to be certain limits. The first thing to do is to have both families meet up and decide between them how to divide the invitations. In most cases, this will mean 50% of the total for the families of both the bride and groom.

You also have to consider your venue. Unless it is the size of Buckingham Palace, there will be a limit to the number of people that it can cater for. The next thing to do is to make two lists. The first list will be priority guests who must be invited. The second will be people who you would like to have there but are not essential guests.

Then you send out the invitations to the people on your priority list. As the RSVPs start coming back, you may find that you have some invitees who, for one reason or another, cannot attend. That means that you can add some more people from your second list.

Making Decisions Can Be Tough

It can be tough deciding who to invite and who not to invite, but you have to do it. You are limited by the size of your venue and the size of your budget. Another thing to note, when considering your budget, is that you need to allow for an extra 10% to 20% because there will always be things that you have forgotten that need to be added on.

At Kenza Creations, we can produce all your wedding venue decorations. Our team are expert at providing stunning décor while working within your budget, whatever size it may be. We will meet up with you and discuss your requirements because you will doubtless have your own ideas for the décor. We can also provide you with lots of our own ideas. In many cases, we may have worked with your venue before, so we know about the lighting and the size and shape of the venue.

We can also produce your Mehndi décor of course. The Mehndi is an essential element of any Indian wedding, and the bride will want a gorgeous Mehndi stage on which to relax while the intricate patterns in henna are painted on to her as the singing, dancing, food, and drinks, go on, often late into the night.    

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