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Like a shower party, a Mendhi or henna night is celebrated before your wedding day, bringing all together your friends and family members to have fun and enjoy the moment. But unlike the former, you are into the oriental theme of partying—the Arabian Nights! Though this tradition was taken seriously in the past, this night is now considered a fun event to celebrate the bride. You see, henna and Mendhi nights have become quite similar in concept with bridal nights, both celebrating the bride before she gets married, but with the specific exception where the former is more traditional that focuses on the grooming of the bride. When hosting a Mendhi or henna night, here are things that you should consider:

The Essentials

The people you should invite in this type of party are close friends and family members to make it more meaningful. Though this is just like the normal bridal party, take note that attendees should wear colorful and oriental dress, but should be not too complicated to remove if ever you need to take them off to allow henna drawn on your hands. Also, music is very important, as well as good food, which should be presented nicely by using stylish tableware.

If you want something creative that will bring about more fun, you can ask around for a belly dance instructor who can make the evening more memorable. You can also hire a fortune teller or palm reader, that some of your guests would enjoy. An oh, do not forget the cake!

The Invites

You can either invite your guests by phone or by sending them invitations. But if you decide on sending invitation cards, have your party invitations decorated in henna or oriental patterns or beads. Decorate them however you prefer. And don’t forget to mention to your guests that they should wear outfits that will fit the theme.

The Decorations

In decorating the venue, you might want to use rugs, cushions, lamps and candles that would bring about the Arabian tradition. If you are celebrating it outdoors, you can consider having a tent, with shishas set for the guests. You can also place some fun accessories, such as saris, abayas and scarves. Do not forget the incense and candles to get the perfect ambience

The Party Favors

While Mendhi and henna night theme gives you plenty of options to work with in terms of favors, there are those that would perfectly fit the occasion, such as pashminas, authentic tea cups, incense sets and accessory bags filled with different oriental accessories. Whatever you choose for the occasion, make sure it will perfectly fit a Mandhi or henna wedding. You can go for jewelry if you want, but make sure you speak with the bride about what can be viable or not.

As previously mentioned, a Mendhi or henna night allows for an endless road of options and ideas, and all you have to do is to be creative and have fun with it. With all the tips provided above, you will be surely good to go!

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