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When you are planning your wedding there are a thousand and one things to think about. All of them are important because together they will add up to a day that your family and friends will talk about for years to come., and it has to be for all the right reasons! There is the ceremony itself, the reception, the cars (in some Indian weddings the horse), the mandap, the wedding stage, the Mehndi, and more.

One of the most vital things, after the venue décor, is the wedding table décor. Wedding tables can be of an almost endless number of designs ranging from minimalist to full-blown over-the-top flowers, candles, lighting, the tablecloths, napkins, and so on. Designing wedding table centrepieces is a creative art form of its’ own. In fact, today it has its’ own title. Designing the wedding tables is now known as tablescaping. It is the art of dressing your table using everything from tablecloths to napkins, plates, glasses, cutlery, flowers, and candles to create a beautiful setting for your guests.

Table Layout

Just to begin with, you have to decide upon the layout of the tables. Obviously, you want the top table for the bride and groom and parents and other close relatives. But do you want the guest tables in long lines or individual tables of four to six persons? At Kenza Creations, we may very well know your venue if we have worked at it before, so we will be able to advise you which way would work best.

If we have not been there before, we need to visit it anyway in order to provide ideas for the lighting, curtains, backdrop, and so on, in order to design the décor in a way which will make your guests amazed. Of course, you will have your own input as well.


What colours do you prefer? What sorts of flowers? In fact, a good starting point is meeting with your florist and finding out which flowers are in season on your wedding day because if you use those you can save a considerable amount over flowers that need to be imported. This can also give you an idea of colour schemes because if you are having a March or April wedding, for instance, there will be plenty of daffodils and white flowers, so you could build your décor around those.

At Kenza Creations, we don’t only do weddings. We can provide you with ideas for event table centrepieces and designs for things such as a 21st, a golden wedding anniversary, a celebration for a hole in one at golf, or for any other important occasion.

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