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London is the city of choice for wealthy Nigerians who are getting married. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa because the Niger Delta area in the south of the country has some of the richest oil reserves in the world. In less than 20 years, the number of millionaires in Nigeria has tripled, and they are not afraid of spending some of their money on a luxury wedding in London.


Nigerian weddings can be very large affairs indeed. At some Nigerian weddings there may be upwards of 2,000 guests, and each of them is provided with a bottle of champagne. Favourite venues for a Nigerian wedding in London are the Dorchester Hotel, Claridges, and recently Kensington Palace. Hiring Kensington Palace costs a minimum of £12,500 and that’s just for the space.


At Kenza Creations we can design a wedding venue no matter how big or small it may be or how many guests are coming. When there is no limit to how much you spend on wedding décor you can quite literally have whatever your heart desires. As Nigerian wedding decorators in London, we work with some of the top florists in the city and between us we can create some spectacular creations. Floral centrepieces should adorn every table, but of course the most stunning piece has to be reserved for the head table of the bride and groom.


If you are going to hold a large Nigerian wedding in London it needs careful and diligent planning. There are a huge number of things to take into account, and they all have to come together so that the big day is nothing less than perfect. This means that we need to sit down with the bride and groom, and family members if they wish, and work through every last detail, ensuring that everything that you want is included.


In order to ensure that everything runs perfectly on the day, you need to be planning some months ahead so that nothing is left out or forgotten. With our many years of experience as Nigerian wedding designers in London we are not actually starting from scratch, so to speak, because we know about all the basics such as ordering catering and bars, a small orchestra if required, and much more. What we don’t know until we have spoken to you is the detail. What overall colour do you want to create? Are there any particular flowers that you want to incorporate? Do you want balloons? What about a performance such as a magician? All of these things need to be discussed so that we can draw up a final plan for your wedding day and submit it for your approval.

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