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Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and Indian weddings are no exception. But there are several celebrations which take place before the wedding itself, and all involve decor that goes above and beyond. In what other culture does the bridegroom arrive at his wedding on a magically decorated horse?

Before the wedding day, we have the Mehndi which is when the bride has her hands, arms, legs, and feet decorated with henna by a skilled artist painting intricate patterns. The artist may also hide the name of the groom in the decorations, and everyone can have fun trying to find it.

Party Time

The Mehndi is party time for the girls, although today it is sometimes attended by the groom as well. The bride relaxes on the Mehndi stage while the artist works, because the patterns can take some hours to draw. Superstition has it that the darker the pattern appears on the skin, the deeper the relationship will be, so the bride is encouraged to relax while the pigments set. Meanwhile there is a lot of singing and dancing, and food and drinks. At Kenza Creations, our team of artists can design and produce great décor for the Mehndi.

Another ceremony is the Sangeet, and this is usually held on a Friday with the actual wedding and reception on the Saturday. The Sangeet itself is a huge affair, again with décor, plenty of food, and festive dancing, Bollywood style.

The actual wedding ceremony on the next day takes place in the Mandap which is a four-poster decorated canopy of many flowers and ribbons. The couple exchange large floral garlands which represent bride and groom symbolically saying to each other “You belong to me, and I belong to you”. When you order mandap hire from us, the decorations will be beyond your wildest dreams.

After the wedding ceremony, it is time for the reception, and we will produce for you the most amazing wedding reception decorations with whatever theme you wish. If you are holding your wedding reception in a venue that we have decorated before, we will be able to give you some ideas on the sort of things that we can do there. If we have not been there before, we will need to visit it so that we can see how best to decorate and light it.  

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