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Unlike many other countries and religions, Indian weddings are major events. Indeed, your wedding day is the most important day of your life and that of your partner, and in India it is recognised as such. So, an Indian wedding is not just about the day itself, but several days beforehand, and this includes the Mendhi.

Mendhi, or henna, is a paste made from the henna plant Lawsonia inermis, and it possesses natural cooling properties. The Mendhi party is when the bride-to-be has her hands and feet painted with intricate designs using henna paste, and it is said that the darker the henna, the more love she will receive from her partner and in-laws. It is also said that the bride should not do any housework for as long as the henna lasts, which can be up to 2 – 3 weeks. Lucky bride!

The henna is painted on to the bride by an artist and this can take some hours, so she rests on a Mendhi stage while her girlfriends indulge in lots of singing dancing, eating and drinking. At Kenza Creations we can produce you a beautiful Mendhi stage for your henna party.

Mandap Hire

For the wedding day itself, you will need wedding decorations for your venue, along with wedding table centrepieces, walkway décor, head table decorations, a cake display, and so on, and we can provide all of this for you. We will also provide mandap hire for the actual wedding ceremony and this, of course, is the focal point where the marriage rituals take place.

We can let you have either a four or six pillar mandap as you require, and we have everything that is needed to make your mandap special, including floral decorations, lavish fabrics, superb embellishments, and lighting, so that your mandap reflects the image that you desire.

Our mandaps are designed around the wishes of each individual couple and they can be simple and elegant or as lush-looking as you wish them to be. The structure of the mandap can be decorated in an almost endless series of designs, and it is the attention to the fine details by our team of creative artists that will produce a mandap that will make your guests gasp.

Call us to arrange a meeting so that we can show you what we can do and understand your requirements for your big day.

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