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When planning an Indian wedding there are things that you need to take into account that vary wildly from weddings in other cultures. Indian weddings are, almost by definition, extravagant affairs, with all the different rituals that take place both before and after the wedding itself.

Unless you have unlimited wealth – and most of us don’t – it is absolutely essential to work to a budget. Certainly, parents may wish to help out, or in quite a number of cases take over the whole responsibility, but even then, it is wise to work out a budget and – as far as possible – stick to it.

Of course, if you have sufficient budget you can hire a wedding planner, tell them your budget, and then let them work within it. However, on top of the cost of the wedding you then also have the cost of the wedding planner, which is why many couples today decide on the DIY route.

Furthermore, planning your wedding can be a whole lot of FUN! Sure, you have to make lists and be certain that you haven’t left anything out, which may lead to a sleepless night or two, but overall, when you plan everything yourself, you know that you are getting exactly what you want, as long as it is within budget.

One very important element, of course, is the decoration of the wedding venue itself. An Indian wedding backdrop of the wedding stage requires a lot of thought and consideration, as it is the setting for the most essential part of the day. Indeed, it is the most important event in the lives of the bride and groom to date. Other important events may take place later, such as the birth of the first child, but until then nothing is more special than the wedding itself.

The wedding stage is the centre-piece of the day. It is where the bride and groom are brought in to meet the guests and ask for their blessings. You have to keep in mind that this will be the most photographed area of the whole venue and so it has to look nothing short of spectacular. You have to decide on the colour scheme which needs to fit with the rest of the venue, and at the same time stand out. The wedding stage often features a chaise longue for the couple to sit on but may also consist of elaborate individual chairs.

Of course, at Kenza Creations we can provide you with the furniture you need, and we can design the whole of the stage including the backdrop. Hindu weddings often feature red and gold, and we can make long flowing drapes for the backdrop which will work well. Other popular colours are pink, lavender, royal blue and green. It is always a good idea to use colours for the backdrop which complement the dress of the bride and groom. Ribbons of flowers cascading down from the top at various points along the backdrop will add a touch of gloss and glamour.

Then, of course, you have the mandap. This will need seating for the bride and groom, the pandit, and usually the bride’s parents. It is usual to have the mandap covered overhead with a canopy supported on four pillars. Again, one can indulge in the material for the canopy which could be fabrics such as silk or chiffon. The four pillars are normally decorated with flowers, although we could think of some alternative ideas if you prefer. The whole can be enhanced with candles or diyas.

Of course, lighting is always important and can make a huge difference in the appearance of a venue. Uplighting can always produce great effects, as can chandeliers which can have a dramatic effect when used in the right way.

Naturally, flowers always play a very important role in any wedding. One good tip here is to use flowers that are in season in the UK. If you opt for opulent lush flowers that are out of season they are going to have to be flown in from other countries and that could make a significant difference to the overall cost of your flowers.

When planning your wedding, talk to us at Kenza Creations. Weddings are what we do, and we can produce ideas which will stun. You want your wedding day to be remembered forever, and for all the right reasons, and when you use us that is most definitely going to be the case.

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