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At Kenza Creations, as event decorators, we are great believers in creating a mood board for your wedding. However, before you begin to create a mood board, it is a good idea to have some idea of your overall budget. Many people decide upon a budget for their wedding but never actually keep to it.

OK, if you go a little over the top that is not a problem, and very many people will do so, because there are always things that you forgot about or something you changed your mind about at the last minute. That’s understandable because your wedding has to be the most perfect day of your lives. However, if you don’t have some sort of budget to aim at, you can finish up spending thousands more than you either intended to or can afford.

Deciding upon your budget before starting on a mood board will help you to keep somewhere on the straight and narrow and not stray too far off it.

Put simply, a mood board is a tool that helps you to create an image of your overall design for the day but is not a definitive statement. It is there for inspiration and ideas. It doesn’t mean that you have to know exactly which flowers you want in your bouquet or precisely the design of the wedding cake. But it should help to keep your ideas and dreams for your wedding and also catch the mood and feel of the day. That’s why it is called a mood board.

A mood board can help to keep you on track. It is all too easy to see something on Instagram or Pinterest which catches your eye and makes you think that you must have it, and you can just get dragged off into totally different directions and away from your basic concept. By all means, search around for ideas on the internet. There are almost limitless ideas for weddings when you start looking around. You can pin them to your mood board as and when you find something that is in keeping with the concept that you have for the day. After all, your mood board is for ideas: you are not going to end up using everything that is on it, by any manner of means.

You need to review your images on an ongoing basis because there will be items that look great but are not entirely in keeping with your overall vision. Sometimes you have to be firm with yourself and dismiss some things. At the same time, you can start grouping together those items which seem to fit well together because of their style or colour.

Your mood board is meant to be inspirational, so you can include anything at all – and not just pictures of other peoples’ weddings. You might see a nice piece of patterned material, for instance, that looks as though it would fit well.

Your mood board can also help you with your suppliers – florist, cakemaker, wedding dress designer, and more – as they will be able to work with you on your ideas and help to bring them into the real world.

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