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When planning your wedding there is a mountain of tasks to undertake. In some respects, it is rather like moving home: the list of jobs is almost endless, and there is always a nagging fear at the back of your mind that you may have forgotten something important.

One very important factor is booking your photographer. You only have one wedding day, and it has to be recorded so that you and your family can look back on it for generations to come. This is definitely not a job for Uncle George, no matter how dab a hand he may be with his smartphone. You need a professional wedding photographer who has the experience that is required.

In fact, ideally you need two photographers. This is because when you have a wedding with lots of guests attending there will be things going on in different parts of the venue, and quite simply, one person cannot be in two places at the same time. So, if you have a single photographer and he / she is taking formal shots in the garden, there may be fun things going on between guests in the bar, for instance, which won’t get recorded. When you have two photographers, one of them can be taking candid shots that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

Wedding Decor

Of course, one of the most important things (they’re all important really!) is the wedding décor. Decorating a venue is an art form and it has to be done in such a way that your venue looks like a stunning film set. You need to consider the lighting – again taking the photography into account. Do you want huge drapes? Do you want masses of flowers? What about the table decorations?

If the wedding is taking place in one venue – a church maybe – how do the bride and groom, and the guests for that matter, get from the church to the reception venue? Who is going to tie the shoes to the back of the car carrying the bride and groom? For that matter, have you got an old pair of shoes you no longer wear?

The wedding reception decorations can be very different from that of the actual ceremony if they are in two different venues. Again, you have to consider the lighting. Will the tables be cleared away so that you have space for dancing? Are you going to hire a band? Will you perhaps have a magician to entertain the guests before the reception begins?

As we said, the list goes on, and it does take a lot of thought. 

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