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At Kenza Creations our expert team of designers is here to help you produce a wedding that is nothing short of stunning. Our aim is always that your guests should gasp in amazement at your wedding venue, whether it is in a hall, a hotel room, or outdoors in the summer sun, and that is exactly what we have achieved for our many happy couples.

There are so many different aspects to designing the perfect wedding, and every wedding is different even if, sometimes, the venues are the same. Every client has different requirements, will prefer different colour schemes, has a different budget, and so on. Many of our clients like to have their own input and that is fine with us. We love to hear what you would like to see, and we can produce the perfect day around your own ideas. Other clients prefer to leave the whole design to our team, and that is fine as well. What we can promise you is that the final design must have your seal of approval.

Of course, the wedding stage decoration is critical because all eyes are upon it. One way to get inspiration is to take a scroll through our gallery and look at some of the designs we have created over the preceding years. You can also take a look on Google where you can see lots more ideas which we will be able to incorporate into your own wedding stage design if you wish.

At Kenza Creations we understand only too well that the magic is in the detail, and we take every care to see to it that everything we produce is nothing short of perfect. We also carry huge stocks of decorations of all types, and we are always adding to our collection of decorative items from around the world, so there is an ever-growing collection from which you can choose. When we see something that we know our clients would like, we buy it and add it to our stock.

The table centrepieces for a wedding reception also have a major impact on the overall design, and our team will help to guide you through all the possibilities. One venue is very different from another, so we need to see it and then we can make suggestions about the appropriate lighting and so on, because what looks great in one situation may not look as good in another, and we need yours to be perfect.

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