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Special events are just that – special. These are occasions that are not just ordinary, but events that may only happen once in a lifetime such as your wedding day, a 21st birthday, retirement party, golden wedding anniversary, graduation day, perhaps a celebration of your horse winning the Grand National, and many more. In most cases, they will only happen once and can never be repeated.

It follows that these occasions need to be celebrated. While you can and should have a budget for something like a wedding banquet, because you don’t want to go overboard (unless you have limitless wealth), they are nonetheless occasions that you want to be remembered,by everyone invited, for years to come.

One of the biggest days in our lives is, of course, our wedding day. Some weddings are relatively modest affairs, but even those will have a reception with a meal for all the guests, and the venue needs to be decorated in appropriate fashion.

Of course, other weddings, depending upon nationality, do rather push the boat out. We are thinking of Indian and Nigerian weddings in particular, which are always showy affairs with lots of decorations, and often the families will spend more than they can really afford – which is why we said that you should have a budget.

Nevertheless, at Kenza Creations you will be astounded at what our creative artists can do on even a relatively small budget. Decorating a wedding venue is most certainly an art form, and our team members constantly strive to outdo themselves.

There are all sorts of things that need to be decorated, such as the wedding stage itself which has to have the right look and feel, so one has to take into consideration the colours to be used, the lighting, furniture, flowers, backdrops, and so on. All eyes are going to be on the wedding stage, so it needs to be nothing short of perfection.

Walkways are another consideration, and again there needs to be a colour theme so that everything blends together.

Of course, perhaps the most important thing at the reception is the table décor and the event table centrepieces. There are many choices such as candelabras, vases, blossom trees, flower stands, and more. Once again, co-ordination is key. The head table centrepiece for the bride and groom has to stand out because they are the whole reason for the event, after all.

At Kenza Creations, you can input your own ideas for décor for any event, or you can ask us for suggestions. Alternatively, you can leave the whole design to us. But whatever you do, it must meet with your approval.

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