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Despite the fact that your wedding day is going to consist of a large number of guests from close family members to second cousins, to friends from work, it is nonetheless a very personal day, and you can make it entirely your own by putting your own stamp on it. This can range from the choice of venue to the food and drink at the reception, to the way that things run – e.g. whether you have a band and dancing that goes on into the late evening or a reception that finishes in the late afternoon, for instance.

You can also make the day your own by choosing where to hold the wedding itself, and the reception, and how you design all the décor that you need to make it special, and above all something to remember. Your wedding day can reflect your style – relaxed, formal, quirky, fun, or rustic and natural. Indeed, here are just some of your options:

  • Romantic
  • Vintage
  • Formal
  • Whimsical
  • Minimal
  • Rustic
  • Outdoor and Natural
  • Bohemian
  • Alternative

Which of these is you? The day is yours, and so it is your choice: at Kenza Creations we can provide whatever you decide.

Whatever you choose, once you have selected the sort of style you want to follow, it is best to stick to it and ensure that all of the parts of the day follow so that everything becomes one. Once you have selected a theme and a colour scheme it should be the basis on which you do everything else.

Of course, with any wedding, flowers are a big part of the day, and Indian and Asian weddings in particular tend to go for a LOT of flowers – on the tables at the reception, in tresses hanging down from the top of the wedding stage, on walls, as a backdrop to the top table, and more.

Whatever you do with flowers for wedding reception decorations, they are not going to be cheap, but you can save money by using flowers that are in season in the UK rather than those which have to be imported from abroad. Even then, some flowers, cost a lot more than others, so for example, orchids are going to be more expensive than carnations. If you have a spring wedding, you could use a lot of daffodils which are at the height of their season and which are readily available anywhere, and which look absolutely fabulous.

When you are using flowers for the centrepiece for the tables you need to pair them with appropriate candles, lighting, and other table decorations to stand out rom the norm. You can stick to a matching colour set, so if you are having red roses, you could also have red napkins, and red glasses (which can be hired). To keep costs down you can do what is becoming increasingly popular and that is to use ferns, grasses, and other greenery which are on trend at present.

Another thing to consider for your reception is a backdrop. A large backdrop of swirling material in the colour of your choice behind the top table can add a sense of glamour and occasion. We can incorporate drapes into your venue, and you could have them with strands of flowers added to them for that extra touch of allure.

We can also do a lot with lighting which can be as simple as special candles on the tables, mood lighting which can change as the day turns to evening, hanging lanterns, and up-lighting.

You can also hire neon lighting in text with phrases such as “Love for ever”, “Happily ever after”, and so on, and some companies will even make your own signs such as “Mr & Mrs Harrison” for example.

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