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So. You’ve popped the question.

And she said “Yes”!!

It doesn’t get any better than that!

However, when the initial euphoria declines a little bit, you both realise that there are lots of things that you are going to have to do. You are now officially engaged to be married, which is great. But you also now have a wedding to plan.

And when you start to sit down and talk about it, you realise just how much there is to do. OK, a lot of it is fun, and some of it is going to be hard work, but nonetheless, henceforward there are many things that you have to deal with as you work towards the big day.

Now if you are a film star in Hollywood, you might well have got engaged to be married on Sunday and held the wedding on Friday, but most of us are not film stars, and we also have to take our family and friends into account. That means a lot of preparation.

When are you going to get married? In six months? A year? 18 months? Believe us, even if you set the wedding date 18 months ahead and think that you have plenty of time, as that date gets nearer you will realise that it is not a lot of time at all. That is why you need to start planning as early as you can.

So, you have set the date. That’s cast in stone. But where are you going to hold the ceremony? In a church? In a register office? In another licenced civil venue?

Who is going to be invited to the wedding? Who will the bridesmaids be? Who will the bridegroom and the groomsmen be?

What are you going to wear? Who will design the bride’s dress?

Where is the reception going to be held? Who can you get to do the catering?

How much is all this gonna COST??? 

(BTW, the answer to the last question is: A LOT!).

Now if you are going to hold your wedding in February, it is pretty obvious that the reception will have to be in an indoor venue. Perhaps a country manor house. Maybe a hotel. Possibly the village hall.

Why Not Consider An Outdoor Venue?

However, if your wedding is going to be in May, June, July, August, or early September, why not consider an outdoor venue?

There are many venues where you can hold a reception outdoors, and you can also hold the ceremony outdoors in a lot of them. Yes, you always have to have a marquee in order to prepare for the worst, but an outdoor wedding will be something that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

At Kenza Creations, we have produced outdoor wedding decorations for many weddings held outdoors – both the actual ceremonies and the receptions – and we have some fabulous ideas for them because there are so many things that you can do when you are working with the natural world that you could never do in an indoor setting. 

Many big country houses that let their premises for weddings are set in some stunning countryside and have fabulous views. There may be a river running through a large outdoor garden area, or perhaps a lake. There could be woodland, and there are all sorts of ways that you can add decoration to trees and shrubs. Perhaps there are views of fields beyond, which are full of sheep or cattle grazing.

How about this for an idea? The setting is a country house with a large outdoor area and a small river running through it. You are going to hold both the ceremony and the reception there. Now in most cases the bride would arrive in a limousine or even a horse drawn carriage. But in this example, she could arrive by boat! How about that for different?

Obviously, every venue is different, and each one will be considerably different from the next one. This is why we always need to visit the venue of your choice so that we can give you our ideas on ways to make your very big day a special one that everyone will remember for years to come. 

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