The intricate lines of the mendhi are an authentically symbolic visualisation of an Indian brides wedding regalia, and the tradition stretches back through the centuries.


Designed to focus the attention on the bride, having stunning mendhi décor for a mendhi stage creates a relaxed atmosphere which promotes peace and happiness in an effortless and comfortable way. Combining breathtakingly beautiful styles and settings for mendhi décor which takes into consideration themes and the comfort of the guests to ensure that the mendhi ceremony happens in the most amazing surroundings. Luxurious flattering fabrics and elegant drapery are used to enhance the mendhi area and create visually stunning settings designed to inspire guests and create memories which will last for years.


When choosing a company to construct a mendhi stage it goes without saying that one of high expertise and reputation with a wealth of experience in the setting up of a variety of occasions of all sizes should be employed. No matter the amount of space available at the venue, to see it transformed into an ideal setting is a breath-taking experience, whether the ceremony is taking place in the home or somewhere else. Kenza Creations makes use of different lighting techniques transforming the whole day without compromising comfort, as well as setting the scene for some amazing photographs. As the mendhi is applied to the hands the bride can anticipate the journey ahead with the knowledge that the ceremony is the first step from girlhood into the world of marital womanhood.

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