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Mendhi Stages

Mendhi Stages Kenza Creations
Mendhi Stages Kenza Creations

Mehndi Decoration Experts

A mehndi party or henna party is a vibrant and colourful celebration in Asian and Middle Eastern wedding traditions. Mehndi is a paste derived from a plant which is applied to the hands as a key part of the pre-wedding ceremonies. It is also known as henna and serves as a symbol of good luck during this important time.
At Kenza Creations we hire Mehndi stages and props for your Mehndi or henna party. Mehndi stages and props can be arranged and put together in so many ways to create a vibrant and colourful party theme. The Mehndi or Henna party is really a coming together of family and friends before the wedding itself. It’s party time, with a lot of singing and dancing, eating and dressing up
Here are some ingenious ideas to inspire your own concepts for a dazzling mehndi.