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It Is Best To Set A Budget For An Asian Wedding

Asian weddings are usually very big events indeed at which there is often no expense spared. Whatever it is decided must happen has to happen, regardless of cost. The key to the perfect wedding is in the creation of the perfect theme for the day and the setting, and that means that specialist event decorators …


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Stunning Wedding Décor That Will Amaze Guests

  The wedding day is the biggest event of any couple’s life and as such it needs proper celebration. It is a day when nothing is too good, nothing is too much, and the cost is not the most important issue. That said, unless you are an extraordinarily wealthy family, you will naturally want to …


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Importance of Decorations in a Big Fat Indian Wedding

  Indian weddings are never complete without lavish, elaborate wedding decorations. Vibrant and glamorous weddings require proper planning, preparation and coordination in order to mirror the customs and traditional styles needed for the wedding ceremony. A lot of Indian couples today choose a combination of modern and traditional themes when it comes to wedding decorations. …


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Mendhi: An Integral Part Of The Pre-wedding Ceremony

    In South Asian weddings, the mendhi is an exciting and traditional pre-wedding ceremony. It is an integral part of the wedding ceremony and Asian brides simply cannot imagine a wedding without a mendhi. At Kenza Creations, we realise the importance of customs and rituals at Asian weddings and extend the support of our …


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Planning the Perfect Henna Night

[image_gallery_nd image="815"][divider_nd color="#ffffff"] Like a shower party, a Mendhi or henna night is celebrated before your wedding day, bringing all together your friends and family members to have fun and enjoy the moment. But unlike the former, you are into the oriental theme of partying—the Arabian Nights! Though this tradition was taken seriously in the ...

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Why Centrepieces Play an Important Role in Any Event

When planning for a special event, you can get so caught up in making invitations, deciding on guest favours, and hiring the best entertainment. Thinking about centrepieces is usually a last-minute task or something you won’t really pay much attention to. This habit should change. Centrepieces actually have very important roles in weddings, corporate parties, …


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The National Asian Wedding Show

Kenza Creations will be attending The National Asian Wedding Show this weekend. The show’s success has been unparalleled in the industry with year on year growth of 11%, and an audience of over 18,250 people gracing the ExCeL with their presence over the two day event.   We are excited to be at Stand A6, A8 & A10. …


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Event Ideas

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